Ragdolls are large, loving, laid-back, medium-long haired cats with stunning blue eyes.  Their fur is rabbit-like in texture, non-matting and low shedding.  Their sweet-natured, non-aggressive, easy going and loving personality makes the Ragdoll an ideal house or apartment companion.  Ragdolls thrive on human companion-ship and develop a strong bond with their owners, meeting you at the door and following from room to room.  Ragdolls are very intelligent and playful.  They can be taught to retrieve and walk on a leash.


Ragdolls have four patterns - bicolor, mitted, colorpoint and lynx.

  • Bicolor Ragdolls have points on their ears, face and tail with a white inverted "V" extending from their muzzle up into the darker mask on their face.  They have white on their legs, feet, ruff and belly.  Bicolors have a pink nose and pink paw pads.
  • Mitted Ragdolls are pointed on their face, ears, legs and tail with a white chin and white mittens on their front paws and white boots on their hind legs.
  • Colorpoint Ragdolls have darker color on their ears, face, legs, feet and tail.  Their body color is lighter than their point color.
  • Lynx Ragdolls adds a striped effect to the face, legs, tail and a contrasting white on the inside of the ears, without affecting the color or the basic pattern.


I recommend the FVRCP three way only vaccine.  This vaccine only contains Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici and Panleukopenia (three ingredients).  If you are buying a kitten from JagRagsAZ you need to make SURE your vet offers the FVRCP three way with only Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia (three ingredients) because if the kitten is inoculated with a FVRCP four way or five way the warranty is voided.  Please find a vet who inoculates with FVRCP three way.  Also, do not give rabies and any other inoculation at the same time.  I recommend at least 1 month time span between the FVRCP and the rabies or any other vaccines.

I recommend yearly FVRCP vaccinations, and worming every six months.

For fleas, I recommend that you never let your Ragdoll go outside!  If you have a screened catio or let your feline set at an open screened window, then you need to use Revolution flea preventative.  Ask your vet for a Rx (prescription) at your first well kitten checkup.  My vet sells Revolution in kitten doses but does not sell Revolution brand in adult doses so must write me a Rx.  I then purchase Revolution at  Chewy's will require a Rx.  I strongly advise using no other brand other than Revolution.



Do not leave cat toys with feathers out for your felines to play with unattended because felines can choke on feathers.  I cut off all feathers from my kitten toys.

Your kitten or cat will love shiny crinkle balls, large puff balls (at least 1 1/2 -2 inch in diameter), laser points, hand held wands and being able to chase anything in a stationery toy.  You can never have too many kitty toys!!  Nothing is cuter than seeing a small kitten carrying a large bright colored puff ball in their little mouth.  You can find a wide assortment of toys at,, and


For all my kittens and cats, I use both the clumping cat litter Fresh Step and Purina Breeze Tidy Cats.  Tidy Cats is a pellet form and is great for cats with paw sensitivity to regular litter.  This is the cleanest and easiest litter system for me.  Do not use more than one bag of pellets in the litter pan.  Change the litter each month.  Use the Breeze urine pads.  Just follow the directions on the packaging.  Cats love a clean litter box, so cleaning once or twice a day is great!


I find that felines are like humans, some seem to prefer to be the only feline and have lots of human love and care, while others love the companionship of another to play and chase throughout the house.  If you work outside the home and are gone a lot, I suggest that you purchase an adult or retired breeder or two kittens coming from the same litter.  Just remember that the ragdoll breed is a very social cat and loves to be around people!  They do not like to be alone for long periods of time!

A meow massages the heart!